Claudia Schiffer’s Teenage Daughter Is Her Twin!

Two peas in a pod!

Claudia Schiffer, one the greatest supermodels ever, has recently given an unexpected glimpse into her family life. she

The supermodel posted a photo of her daughter, Clemmie, on her Instagram account, and she looks exactly like her mother!

This is a very rare photo: Claudia, infact, usually doesn’t share photos of her and her family.

In the caption she wrote: “Young and sweet, only 17… Happy Birthday Clemmie – beautiful inside and out.”

Clemmie chimed in as well and said: “Love you mama. Thank you.”

The star has three children: two daughters, Clementine and Cosima, and a son, Caspar.

She shares them with her movie producer husband, Matthew Vaughn, who she has been married to since, 2002.

Claudia once told Stylist magazine: “I come from a big family and I always wanted to have kids of my own. Before I met Matthew, I worked non-stop. But once we got together, suddenly a whole new world seemed to open up. Matthew and I are a team.”

Talking about the moment she knew Matthew was the one, she told The Guardian

“I’d never found anyone that perfect and I just thought, oh, there’s no perfect man out there. Then I met him. He had everything I wanted in a man. He completely swept me off my feet.”


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