Sarah Jessica Parker Is One Of The Richest Women In The World

The amount of money she earned during the shootings of Sex and the City is UNBELIEVABLE.

Sarah Jessica Parker owes a lot to her role in Sex and the City.

According to Variety, Sarah Jessica Parker earned more than $1 million per episode of the brand new series And Just Like That.

The series counts 10 episodes, she made a total of $10 million. While for her other HBO show Divorce she obtained a “measly” $275,000 per episode.

Celebrity Net Worth also claimed that she earned about $50 million for the first three seasons of Sex and the City. When she became the producer of the show in season 4, she started making $3.2 million per episode. So, during the 46 episodes of seasons 4 and season 6, she earned the incredible amount of $147 million!

According to Forbes, SJP earned $15 million in 2012—not just from SATC reruns but also from perfume sales and Garnier endorsements.


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