Ellen Pompeo and Kristin Davis Are Working Together On a New TV Project

A new, engaging series!

Kristin Davis, the lovely Charlotte of Sex and the City, will be the main character of the new HBO’s series, produced by Grey’s Anatomy’s star Ellen Pompeo.

HBO Max has put in development Deeds, a black comedy written by Michael Davidoff, Deeds is about a desperate realtor (Davis) who embarks on an increasingly dark path when she’s forced to team up with a drug-addicted, sociopathic, young couple who soon discover that in the world of high-end, LA real estate, when it comes to immorality and cutthroat behavior, they’re outmatched.

The news about Ellen Pompeo executive producing the new series comes amidst talks that the current 17th season of Grey’s Anatomy could be the last

There is no other word on the new series, or who else will join, but there will no doubt be more news in the coming months. 

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