When Sarah Jessica Parker and John Kennedy Jr. Were Lovers

She used to refer to that relationship as 'The Kennedy fiasco'

Parker had just gotten out of a 7-year relationship with Robert Downey Jr. when she met John Kennedy Jr.

According to The New York Times, the pair’s paths first crossed “at the theater.” Parker’s director pal, Adam Shankman, once told People the actress “called me, screaming, ‘You’re not going to believe who asked me out!’” when Kennedy made his move.

Despite the initial enthusiasm, the love story did not end well. Sarah once described their six-month-long romance as “the Kennedy fiasco.”

The pair dated for six months, but the romance didn’t last. 

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Parker didn’t seem to have an issue with Kennedy as a person. She described him as a “nice man” in 1992 right after their breakup and has spoken kindly, albeit briefly, about him since his 1999 death.

In a 1992 interview Parker claimed she had no idea what she was getting into when she met the young Kennedy. She had already dated famous men before, but no one she crossed paths with had the same level of fame as JFK Jr. She noted that seeing pictures of them in tabloids together when she thought no one was around felt surreal.

Since Kennedy’s death, Parker has shied away from answering any questions about him or the relationship they had. She’s never spoken about how his 1999 death affected her.

Shortly after their breakup, Parker married Matthew Broderick. Kennedy had met and married Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, at that point, too.

Parker said she’d feel comfortable answering questions about their time together if he were alive today.

During a Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen appearance, Parker said, “…if he were accomplishing all the things that I’m certain he was going to accomplish, and living a really joyful and adventurous life then I would probably feel more comfortable answering more questions about him.”

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