Natalie Wood Was Sexually Assaulted By Kirk Douglas, Her Sister Claims

She never recovered from that painful experience.

In a memoir called “Little Sister,” Lana Wood, Natalie Wood’s sister, writes that Kirk Douglas sexually assaulted Natalie when she was a teenager.

The alleged assault took place in 1955 after Lana and their mother, Maria Zakharenko, dropped Natalie off at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles to meet with Douglas.

Kirk Douglas died in February 2020 at age 103.

As we can read in the memoir, Natalie said to Lana, “And, uh … he hurt me Lana.” Lana writes in “Little Sister” that the situation ” was like an out-of-body experience. I was terrified, I was confused.” According to the book, their mother told Natalie to “Suck it up.”

The alleged sexual assault has been a rumor for years.

In Suzanne Finstad’s biography of Wood, “Natalie Wood: The Complete Biography,” which was reissued in March 2020, she also wrote about Wood being raped, without naming her assailant. Finstad refers to the rapist as one of Wood’s “childhood idols, a powerful, married movie star more than twenty years older than she.”

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