Have You Ever Seen Lady Gaga Without Makeup? So Beautiful!


Lady Gaga is getting more and more famous all around the world. Starring in the upcoming biopic, House of Gucci that’s being released this upcoming Thanksgiving.

The singer spent over a year channeling the life of Lady Gucci– including speaking with an Italian accent for nine full months.

On November 2, she also released her beauty brand, Haus Laboratories. The limited edition collection features offers glamorous, 1980s Italy-inspired makeup delights for the eyes, cheek, and lips, all in new-to-the brand gold accented packaging. It is also available a limited edition version of the brand’s signature black Liquid Eye-Lie-Ner in metallic gold packaging.

But have you ever seen lady Gaga without makeup? She’s totally stunning!

Gaga’s natural charisma is even more pronounced when she doesn’t wear makeup.

A really stunning lady!

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