How To Fake a ‘No MakeUp’ Day

Some very easy and quick advices.

Invisible makeup: beloved by models and celebrities like Grace Kelly and Julie Andrews, this minimal technique subtly enhances your features and evens out your complexion. Without too much effort. Let your natural beauty shine!

First of all, you have to skip heavy foundation.

Instead, use concealer to even out and brighten your complexion in “problem areas”, like darkness under the eyes and redness around the nose, while preserving the look of fresh, natural skin.

Now that her most prominent shadows are covered, features look more lifted.

Remember: always moisturize before applying concealer.

Powder blush can exaggerate texture and make skin look flat. For a radiant flush apply a small amount of cream blush (or creamy lipstick) to cheekbones and blend with your fingertips.

Use also invisible eyeliner, called “tightlining“.

Instead of applying liner above your lash line, rim the upper waterline with a dark brown pencil. This “hides” your makeup, for soft definition and fuller-looking lashes.

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