Jennifer Lawrence Opens Up About Her Nude Pictures Went Viral in 2014

"My trauma will exist forever."

Jennifer Lawrence has opened up about the trauma she went through when her nude images were leaked online some years ago.

In 2014, several Hollywood actresses were targeted when their nude photos were stolen and leaked online and eventually posted on a site called 4Chan. 

Now, as Lawrence is busy promoting her new film ‘Don’t Look Up’, the actress has said that the trauma of the scandal ‘will last her a lifetime‘. 

The Oscar-winner spoke with Vanity Fair recently and said that she made peace with the scandal but the trauma is still there. 

“Anybody can go look at my naked body without my consent, any time of the day. Somebody in France just published them. My trauma will exist forever.”

In 2017, during an interview with Oprah, Lawrence claimed:

“I’ll never share that part of myself ever since it got shared against my will. I would much prefer my whole house to have been invaded. I have such fear with my phone and my computer and electronics,” she admitted.

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