And Just Like That: A Talk With Sarah Jessica Parker

"Fourteen-year-old girls walking the dog with their dads call out to me, ‘I can’t wait to watch the show!'"

And Just Like That is coming and we can’t wait for it!

“Every time we shoot on location, maybe 50 women wait at the end of the day to say hi to the ladies, and they’re all between the ages of 25 and 30,” said once Michael Patrick King, the producer.

During an interview with Vogue, Sarah Jessica Parker opened up on her feelings for the show.

“Fourteen-year-old girls walking the dog with their dads call out to me, ‘I can’t wait!’ ” Parker says. “I think young women still really relate to this story. It’s about finding friendships that matter, looking for work that fulfills you, and pursuing love, even when it drags you, bloodied, down the street.”

One of eight siblings from Cincinnati, she began performing as a child, moving to New York and working onstage and onscreen as a jobbing actor for years, before achieving real stardom as Carrie, in her mid-30s.

“Sarah is one of those people who never forgets anyone,” says a set production worker.

“She’s curious and thoughtful. Soon after we met, she asked me what Nepalese food tastes like,” her friend, the designer Prabal Gurung, who was raised in Kathmandu, tells me. “And two days later, I get a phone call, and she says, ‘Let’s go,’ and picks me up to go to a Nepalese restaurant in Queens. In 12 years in the fashion industry, no one else has done that for me. She’s the sort of person who really sees you.”

She says that being remarkably organized can’t hurt. On her iconic SATC apartment she says:“I had all of the original stuff in my own storage. Furniture, clothes, everything, packed according to season and episode and scene”.

“In the spring of 2020, I was talking with Michael Patrick about doing a podcast about the behind-the-scenes making of Sex and the City,” Parker, who has settled into one of Carrie’s old chairs in her living room, tells me.

“And we spoke about what we were missing in the pandemic: joy, community, the experience of being together. The world of Carrie and her friends has always been about coming home, and I felt like we needed that right now.”

Sex and the City has always been about the friendships that sustain you,” Parker says, nodding. “That, and the promise and potential this city holds.”


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