The Iconic ‘Home Alone’ House Is Now Available On Airbnb

A Christmas gift for you all!

The iconic ’90s holiday movie is moving to real life!

This December, the original house from Home Alone is available to book for a one-night stay through Airbnb, if you’re lucky.

The house where Kevin McCallister spent one significant Christmas is based in Winnetka, Illinois just north of downtown Chicago. An added bonus is that you’ll be hosted by Kevin’s big brother Buzz, portrayed on the screen by Devin Ratray.

The home features some carefully-curated moments and details from the iconic movie, which will be instantly recognizable for diehard Home Alone fans. This includes actual booby traps (that guests will set up themselves), ’90s junk food (presumably to inhale while watching rubbish), Kevin’s ostentatious green robe to wear, and Buzz’s pet tarantula.

It’s all a clever bit of promo for both Airbnb and the latest instalment of the Home Alone film franchise, Home Sweet Home Alone, which guests can watch in the house.

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