5 Biggest Haicut Trends Of Winter 2021/2022

What's your favorite?

1 – Bangs

Bangs never go out of style! Can vary in style and length (blunt, curved, side-swept — more on that in a second), but generally the hair is cut from the outer corner of each eye and the ends just graze the edge of or right below the brows.

2 – Bob haircut

The cut falls just under the chin, but there are many different iterations to explore, from A-line and blunt to asymmetrical and more, depending on what you’re after.

3 – Blunt bob

This is a bob where the hair is cut without layers, making the hair the same length from all angles. It works best on people with naturally straight hair. “If your hair is thinner and you get a blunt cut, it can make it look thicker if it’s one length,” Dhiran explained. “But when someone with a blunt cut wants their hair curled or styled, it won’t last as long as someone who has layers because with layering there’s less weight in the ends.”

4 – Clavicut Haircut

The clavicut is a collarbone-grazing style that [looks good on] all hair types and face shapes,” said Tricomi. “This style features back strands resting on the nape of your neck, with the face-framing strands dipping an extra inch or two until they kiss your collarbone — an edgy yet sophisticated hairstyle, all at the same time.”

5 – Layers

Layering is a cutting technique where the hair is cut into many different lengths. If you want something more subtle, hairstylists often add “invisible” layers to create the illusion of more volume for hair that is long and flat. It can also be used to remove bulkiness in thick, curly hair. Layers are a popular way to achieve the tousled, shaggy style.

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