Have You Ever Seen Adele Completely Without Makeup? Absolutely Fabulous!

Totally stunning!!

Adele spilled her beauty secrets, from dyeing her own brows to obsessing over one particular Charlotte Tilbury product on NikkieTutorials’ YouTube channel.

Adele showed fans the magic of makeup by sitting for a must-see glam session with beauty guru Nikkie “NikkieTutorials” de Jager.

The video kicks off with a completely makeup-free Adele sitting next to Nikkie, as the YouTube star explains she’ll be doing a full-face of glam on one side of the singer’s face, while leaving the other side bare.

“You truly see the power of makeup when she does that with half my face for sure,” Adele jokingly said.

Once Nikkie applied a base layer of foundation she moved on to Adele’s brows. “I love a brow. But also if I don’t dye my brows — like these are dyed — I look like Voldemort,” the 30 songwriter said as she pointed to her dark arches.

“They go so pale and blonde!” Adele continued. “I actually learned how to dye my own brows in the pandemic. I used to go every week because I really am fair. One day I did a load of research, watched a YouTube video [and] ordered all the products on Amazon. I do it once a week on my own now.”

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