7 Times Actors Did Their Own Stunts And Ended Up Badly Injured On Set

Kate Winslet nearly drowned while filming a water scene in Titanic.

1- Halle Berry in Bruised

While shooting an MMA scene in her new film, Halle got kicked by her co-star (real martial arts fighter Valentina Shevchenko) and broke two ribs as a result. The injury did not stop Halle from finishing the scene: “The fighter in me stood up and said, ‘You just have to keep going, take some Advil and tough your way through it.”

2 – Charlize Theron in Æon Flux.

Charlize left set with a herniated disk and potential paralysis after landing on her neck when doing a backflip. “That injury scared me — I was almost paralyzed,” she said in an interview.

3 – Leonardo DiCaprio in Django: Unchained.

When Leo banged his fist against a table for a scene, he slammed his hand into a glass. He kept in character, but later needed stitches for the bloody gash on his hand.

4 – Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible — Fallout.

While shooting a scene where he jumps from one building to another, Tom smashed his ankle against the side of a wall. The actor suffered a broken ankle, but the take was used in the actual film.

5 – Kate Winslet in Titanic.

Kate nearly drowned while filming a water scene after her coat got caught on a gate underwater. “I had to sort of shimmy out of the coat to get free. I had no breath left,” she explained in an interview.

6 – Blake Lively in The Rhythm Section.

While shooting a fighting a scene, Blake shattered her hand, breaking several bones and damaging ligaments. “I was lunging towards Jude Law with my fake rubber knife and my hand collided with his elbow,” she explained. They had to pause shooting for six months until her hand recovered.

7 – Jackie Chan in Armour of God.

Jackie has sustained many injuries throughout his career, but one of the worst was on the set of Armour of God, when he leapt from a cliff to a tree, fell 40 feet, and landed on a rock. One of his bones ended up puncturing his brain, and he nearly died as a result.

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