Johnny Depp’s Former Bandmate Slams Amber Heard For Ruining Depp’s Life

“She made him absolutely crazy to a point he was drinking & drugging”.

A lot has changed for Johnny Depp ever since his divorce from Amber Heard. From moving from sets to sets, the actor began moving from court to court. Unfortunately, he is now left jobless with the domestic abuse charges that were levied on him. Amidst it all, former bandmate Bill ‘Beano’ Hanti is breaking his silence on their relationship.

Many wouldn’t know, but Discovery+ is coming up with a two-part documentary on the high-profile divorce. It will feature the relationship from the point of view of both celebrities. One cannot deny that followers would get updates on each and every step of the libel case recently. So this would only be further intriguing for their respective fans. The documentary is titled Johnny vs Amber.

Bill ‘Beano’ Hanti, who was a bandmate of Johnny Depp back in the 1980s has also shared his view on the actor’s marriage with Amber Heard.

Bill ‘Beano’ Hanti called Johnny Depp a ‘beautiful soul.’ He could be heard saying in a snippet of Johnny vs Amber, “He had something special with Vanessa (Paradis) and he f****d it up.”

Talking about Amber Heard who met Johnny on the sets of The Rum Diary, Bill continues, “She just saw him coming. She got the opportunity to be a part of that film and she worked it. Ruined his life, it really did. Look at it, it totally f****d his career over. Cost him his friends. Part of his family. She got inside John’s head and made him absolutely crazy to the point where he was drinking and drugging, to the point of insanity.”


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