Hilary Duff Just Showed Off Her Toned (And Sexy) Legs On Instagram

Hilary Duff is back on Instagram with some seriously killer legs. The How I Met Your Father star, 34, looked super fit after pregnancy!

Recently, Hilary swapped cardio for weightlifting in her fitness routine—and she never looked back. Cardio left Hilary feeling too tired and hungry, she explained. And, spending hours on cardio machines wasn’t helping her reach her fitness goals.

“I was thinking I don’t need to do heavy weights because if I do heavy weights I’ll bulk up,” she told Women’s Health. “I tend to build muscle fast.”

She might be building muscle, but Hilary also works out to improve her mental health. “Working out is just really good for my brain, my mind,” she told Shape. “As much as I want to stay in shape and I think [working out] is good for me, it keeps me in a good mindset.”

Food-wise, Hilary works with a flexible dieting coach to build her perfect meal plan. “He basically counts your macros for you—and it’s been amazing because it’s basically like a mathematical equation that I just follow, and it’s been really successful for me,” she told WH.


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