Leonardo DiCaprio On His First Time Working With Jennifer Lawrence

Such nice words 😍

Written and directed by The Big Short’s Adam McKay, Don’t Look Up offers a satirical look at the climate change crisis and misinformation.

It stars DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence as astronomers whose warnings of a comet heading directly towards Earth are not taken seriously.

Speaking at a press conference ahead of the film’s release, DiCaprio said: “I’ve been looking for a movie that was about this subject for decades now. This is an issue where everyone feels ultimately like what kind of difference can we make?

DiCaprio described Lawrence to Vanity Fair as “one of the most talented actors working today,” adding, “Jen’s ability to improvise and be so in the moment at all times was amazing to witness.”

Don’t Look Up marks the first movie that the two stars have worked together.

DiCaprio told Access Hollywood, “We both had immediate comradery, we got to talk to some amazing astronomers, and people in the scientific community, and understand their sense of frustration with issues like this.”

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