Nicole Kidman Calls Out Journalist for Asking ‘Sexist’ Question About Ex-Husband Tom Cruise

Nicole Kidman was not happy when her ex-husband was brought up during a recent interview.

During the promotion tour of Being The Ricardos, the 54-year-old actress shut down a journalist when they mentioned her ex-husband Tom Cruise.

While speaking with The Guardian, Nicole talked about Lucille Ball’s relationship with Desi Arnaz as depicted in the new movie.

“It’s about a creative and romantic relationship that doesn’t work out. But from it come some extraordinary things. And I love that. I love that it’s not a happy ending,” Nicole shared.

“This film says you can make an extraordinary relationship thrive and leave remnants of it that exist forever. Yeah, that’s really gorgeous,” Nicole continued. “You can’t make people behave how you want them to, and sometimes you’re going to fall in love with someone who isn’t going to be the person you spend the rest of your life with. And I think that’s all very relatable. You may have kids with them. You may not, but they were very much in love.”

The journalist, a woman, then asked Nicole – “with exquisite care” – if she was referring to her marriage to the 59-year-old actor, and Nicole was not too happy that her ex was brought up.

“Oh, my God, no, no. Absolutely not. No,” Nicole responded. “I mean, that’s, honestly, so long ago that that isn’t in this equation. So no.”

Nicole continued, “And I would ask not to be pigeonholed that way, either. It feels to me almost sexist, because I’m not sure anyone would say that to a man. And at some point, you go, ‘Give me my life. In its own right.’”


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