Jennifer Aniston Does a High Kick Wearing a Black Leotard and Heels

On New Year's Eve, Jen amazed her Instagram followers with a quick clip of herself doing a yoga-inspired leg extension.

On New Year’s Eve, Jennifer Aniston amazed her Instagram followers with a video collage of moments throughout the year, including a quick clip of herself doing a yoga-inspired leg extension while wearing a sleek black leotard, sheer tights and a pair of heels.

She wrote in the caption: “The little in between moments of 2021 that didn’t make the feed 🥰 Happy new year everybody 🙏🏼 Now… onto the next 😷❤️☀️”

R.E.M.’s classic “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” accompanies the video, which features cameos from a plethora of her famous friends, including BFF Courteney Cox, Reese Witherspoon and pal Jimmy Kimmel.

In December, Aniston opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about how the pandemic forced her to stay in her home state of California for nearly two years, and the excitement and terror she feels about jet-setting, again.

“I’m excited to get on a plane again — and terrified as well. I haven’t left California since January 2020. Courteney [Cox’s home] in Malibu is as far as I’ve been,” Aniston (who also filmed The Morning Show season 2 during the pandemic) explained of where she has been, adding, “It’s Sony studios, Courteney’s, the Batemans’ — there are, like, five houses I’ve been to.”

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