Adele Surprises Fans With A BIG Announcement


Adele is entering 2022 more galvanized and ready than ever, as evidenced by her latest social media post which left fans ecstatic.

The British singer shared a short clip where she revealed that she was starting the year off with a bang, that being a new music video.

She announced that her album 30‘s second single, Oh My God, would be getting a music video releasing on January 12 at 9AM.

In the black and white video, she briefly showed off the look she would sport, and in a bid to appear more old Hollywood inspired, it looked absolutely heavenly.

She wore a long and elegant floral gown that almost appeared sheer in the ring light behind her, paired with what looked like a nun’s collar with an elaborate necklace, leather gloves, and a 50s inspired hair do.

Can’t wait for it!

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