When Kendall Jenner Wore Revealing Dress To Friend’s Wedding

Kendall definitely stole the show.

November 2021: While attending her friend Lauren Perez’s wedding in Miami, Kendall Jenner opted for a skin-baring style filled with geometric cutouts.

The 26-year-old model shared pics of her barely-there LBD on Instagram Stories, posing for mirror selfies with colleague Hailey Bieber.

From Instagram

Although it appears Jenner only wore the daring dress for the reception after changing. out of her blue silk bridesmaid dress, Twitter users were confused by the choice, with one writing, “@KendallJenner I’d rather you turn up to my wedding in a wedding dress than this,” while another added, “Imagine Kendall Jenner wearing this to your wedding.”

“So disrespectful to wear this. In every photo you see her, not the bride,” another wrote. “How to upstage the bride 101.”

After Perez chimed in, saying she thought Jenner looked “stunning” and that she “loved” the look, the model herself replied, “@laurenperez obvi asked for your approval in advance too.”

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