6 Tips to Keep Long-Term Relationships Exciting

6 precious advices.

1) Make sure to have joyful time together

The ability to laugh with one another is a true sign of vitality in a relationship. it’s important to be able to share joyful experiences together. Being able to laugh at our partner’s idiosyncrasies can steer us away from unwarranted dramas and keep our relationship alive.

2 – Understand how your partner expresses love.

Even for couples who have been together for many years, it’s easy to forget how their partner tends to demonstrate love. Taking time to recognize and appreciate those expressions is the best way to keep them coming.

3 – Give them space. 

It is not necessary to share everything with your partner. Apart from your partner, your life should also revolve around other essential factors such as your work, family, and friends.

4 – Practice emotional attunement.

As you communicate with each other, don’t listen only to what the other person is saying, but also to the emotions underneath the words. Notice whether the other person seems stressed, frazzled, sad, frustrated, confused, pleased, glad, joyful, etc.

5 – Have healthy conflicts.

Surprise—conflicts can be healthy in relationships! If you go into a relationship expecting never to fight, then your first fight could very well lead to the end of the relationship. Instead, learn strategies for healthy conflict resolution, and talk about them with the other person beforehand.

6 – Check in on your relationships.

This is a magic-bullet solution to so many relationship problems! Schedule systematic meetings to talk about the state of your relationship and what can be improved.

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