Olivia Culpo Critized American Airlines for Making Her “Cover Up” Before Boarding Flight

"I'm confused. Is this inappropriate/offensive?"

Olivia Culpo and her sister Aurora recently criticized American Airlines for a “f–ked up” request that Olivia make an outfit change before boarding a flight to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

On Jan. 13, Aurora Culpo wrote on Instagram: “Olivia and I are going to Cabo and look at her outfit.” Olivia’s outfit consisted of a black bralette, matching biker shorts and a long cardigan from the brand Naked Cashmere.


“She looks cute. She looks appropriate, no?” Aurora continued. “They call her up to the desk and tell her that she needs to put a blouse on otherwise she can’t get on the plane. Tell me that’s not so f–ked up. American Airlines, I love you so much. Please get me to Cabo.”

Olivia added: “Oh no I’m confused lol. Is this inappropriate/offensive? Leave it to Aurora to cause a scene. Hide me.”

Aurora also posted a video of another traveler wearing a somewhat similar ensemble consisting of a turquoise bralette, leggings and a long cardigan.

“See?” Aurora said. “But she looks beautiful and they don’t care. But [Olivia] has to cover up.” 

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