Sophia Loren’s Iconic Eye Makeup Is Going Viral!

One of the greatest beauty icons ever existed.

Classic Hollywood actress Sophia Loren is one of the greatest fashion and beauty icons ever existed.

In fact, many attribute some of the biggest beauty trends of the time directly to her.

Born in Rome, Sophia’s career spanned over six decades and she appeared in some of the most revered films (including It Started In Naples and Arabesque) among Hollywood royalty including Cary Grant and Frank Sinatra.

It seems Instagram and TikTok cannot get enough of her signature winged eyeliner, which uses a combination of white and black eyeliner, creates an optical illusion that elongates the natural eye shape and makes the eyes look longer and bigger over all. 

While it looks impressive, the eyeliner hack is relatively easy to achieve – all you’ll need is a white eyeliner pencil and a black liquid eyeliner, as well as a great mascara or false lashes. 

Whereas a traditional flicked eyeliner would follow the natural shape of the eye, joining up at the outer corners, the Sophia look joins the lower and upper eyeliner much further out towards the temple, creating an elongated effect. The negative space is then filled in with a light or white eyeliner to make it seem as though it’s the natural eye shape. 

Finish the look with plenty of mascara on both top and bottom lashes, a great matte, nude lipstick and a faux beauty spot or two for true Sophia Loren style.

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