Kendall Jenner Poses Nearly Nude in Aspen Snow

Kendall is definitely not afraid of cold.

Kendall Jenner definitely doesn’t fear the cold.

On Thursday the model, 26, three photos of herself clad only in a skimpy black bikini and furry boot while frolicking in the snow.

“Wim Hof said ice baths,” she wrote alongside them.

Wim Hof, 62, who is also known by the moniker The Iceman, is a Dutch motivational speaker and extreme athlete, famous for his ability to withstand frigid temperatures.

The reality star has been vacationing in Aspen and on Wednesday shared videos of herself snowboarding down a mountain.

Jenner also dined at Aspen restaurant Little Nell and checked out an Andy Warhol exhibit at the local Art Museum.

In addition to doing a classic model pose, the California native also shared some pics of herself playing around in the snow.

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