Paris Hilton Says She Wouldn’t Want Her Future Daughter To Be an Influencer

Here's why.

Paris Hilton told Insider she thinks influencer culture can be “toxic.” 

Talking about her future children, Hilton claimed that she doesn’t want them to spend too much time on their phones. 

“I hope they’re having so much fun they don’t even want to be on the phone,” she said.

Hilton, who has over 17 million Instagram followers, said she hoped her future daughter isn’t interested in becoming an influencer.

“That’s literally the last thing I would want for my daughter,” Hilton said of her child using social media. “Like, being an influencer in this world, I just think it’s so toxic. Of course there’s the good and the bad, but a lot of it is just really bad.”

Hilton also said that she thinks social media creates pressure to be “perfect.”

“I just feel that it can be toxic in some ways where I really wouldn’t want my daughter in this world because I just think there’s so much emphasis on being perfect,” Hilton said. “And then having people be mean and write rude comments. I just wouldn’t want my daughter to have to experience that.”

“But I won’t be able to control that obviously,” she went on to say. “If she does want to do it, she can, but I would rather her just be a nerd who wants to be a scientist or something.”

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