Heidi Klum Says Her Legs Are Insured for $2 Million

But one is “more expensive” than the other. Why?

Heidi Klum‘s legs are worth two million.

During her appearance on The Ellen Show on Tuesday, she and DeGeneres played a game called “Blanking” in which the supermodel had to complete a handful of sentences.

One of those prompts read, “My legs were insured for $2m…another body part that should also be insured is…” Klum joked that it’s really her breasts that should come with that high-price guarantee before explaining that it was actually a “client that insured” her famous legs, not her, adding “It’s weird the things some people do.”

She went on to explain that one of her legs is more valuable than the other. “One was actually more expensive than the other because when I was young, I fell into a glass and I have, like, a big scar,” she said. “Obviously I put so much spray tan on right now you can’t see it right now but yeah, so one was more expensive than the other one.”

While Klum didn’t discuss the specific price of each thigh, she did tell People in 2017 that one leg was insured for $1 million, while the other is insured for $1.2 million. She also told the outlet at the time that she plans to flaunt her seven-figure stems for as long as possible. “I always enjoyed, and I still do, wearing super short miniskirts showing off my legs,” she said. “I think legs are sexy. I do like to put a focus on my legs when I go out or when I get onto the red carpet. I do.”

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