Christina Aguilera Poses Nearly Nude As She Celebrates Being ‘Free’ With Her New Album

"I’ve unlocked new parts of myself as a woman, a fighter, a mother and creator."

Christina Aguilera took to Instagram to share sexy red filtered pics of herself and thank everyone who ‘supported’ her new EP ‘La Fuerza,’ which is the first Spanish title she’s released in more than two decades.

The post that included sexy snapshots of her posing in nothing but a G-string while looking confidently at and away from the camera. She also thanked everyone who worked on the highly-anticipated release, which is her first Spanish title in more than two decades.

“Feeling ALL of your love for La Fuerza! A huge thank you to everyone who supported and worked on this deeply heartfelt project! I am humbled and grateful to know each and every one of you and call you family in this beautiful & personal musical journey back home for me,” Christina captioned the post.

“La Fuerza (The Strength)…in this first chapter, represents the different elements of what it means to be strong now, as I’ve unlocked new parts of myself as a woman, a fighter, a mother and creator,” she continued. “We are all entitled to discovering ourselves, our truth and owning our own personal power in however that feels best for you. I want my fighters and anyone who hears this music to continue feeling empowered, vocal and free. Keep discovering yourself.”

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