These Celebs All Have Insured Body Parts

Many celebrities are protecting their assets.

Tons of celebrities are protecting their assets!

1 – America Ferrera – Smile

In 2007, Aquafresh White Trays took out a $10 million insurance policy on America Ferrera’s smile with Lloyd’s of London when she was a spokesperson for the company.


“It’s very flattering to have my smile insured,” America said in a statement. “It’s not something that I ever imagined happening.”

2 – David Beckham – Legs

Before retiring from soccer in 2013, David Beckham insured his legs for approximately $140 million through Lloyd’s of London in 2006.


3 – Daniel Craig – Body

While filming the James Bond movie Quantum of Solace in 2008, Daniel Craig insured his body for $9.5 million since he did many of his own stunts, according to The Guardian.


4 – Julia Roberts – Smile

Julia Roberts reportedly insured her smile for $30 million, according to Parade.


5 – Kylie Minogue – Butt

Kylie Minogue has a $5 million insurance police on her butt, according to Parade.


6 – Madonna – Breasts

Madonna reportedly insured her breasts for $2 millions, according to Parade.


7 – Mariah Carey – Legs and Voice

Mariah Carey took out a $35 million insurance police on her legs, and a second $35 million insurance policy on her legs, according to TMZ.


8 – Rihanna – Legs

After winning Venus Breeze‘s “Celebrity Legs of a Goddess” Award in 2007, Rihanna insured her legs for $1 million, according to People.


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