Model Gabrielle Epstein Strips Down to a TINY Bikini, Showing Off Her Perfect Body

What a body!!

Australian model Gabrielle Epstein is one of Instagram and OnlyFans’s brightest stars.

The 27-year-old model shared a gallery of photos to Instagram on Thursday of herself in a purple bikini during a late-night swim. She also showed off her balancing act by placing a wine glass on the top of her head then stretching out her arms.

Dripping wet after her evening dip, the model also showcased her lean abs, toned legs and pert derrière while climbing out of the pool.

Her ‘less is more’ approach to fashion often gets her in trouble with Instagram’s anti-nudity police. She has recently fired back at critics who said her photos were ‘too explicit’.

During an interview with Maxim, Gabrielle referred to the ‘toxic double standard’ between how men and women are treated differently on Instagram.

“There are plenty of photos of men without their shirts on showing their nipples but the fact that mine can be covered and a photo still gets removed creates a very toxic double standard,” she said. “We are all human, we are all born with bodies and we should not be taught to be ashamed of how they look in a natural state.”

She admitted she’d turned to OnlyFans to get around Instagram’s censorship. 


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