Pamela Anderson Looks Scarily Different Without Makeup

She looks incredibly young!😱😱

Pamela Anderson’s distinctive bronzed complexion, black eye make-up and false lashes are as closely associated with her name as the red swimsuit she used to wear on TV.

And yet, at a recent event in Paris, all these things were missing from Pamela’s look — and the animal rights activist looked amazingly different.

Thanks to a serious make-under, Pammy turned up at the Four Seasons George V Hotel looking absolutely beautiful.

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Minimal make-up, a relaxed hairstyle in ash blonde and stylish eveningwear had rendered the former pin-up almost unrecognisable.

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In a fairy tale story Pamela Anderson soared from a sweet volleyball-playing school girl raised in a tiny Canadian fishing town to a global superstar who posed on the front cover of Playboy magazine before grabbing international fame as sexy life-guard CJ on hit TV show Baywatch.

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