Ben Affleck Says This Was a Major Factor in His Breakup with Jennifer Lopez

"I got fucking hurt and angry, and felt like a fool."

Speaking on The Howard Stern Show, Ben Affleck revealed the reason of his breakup with Jennifer Lopez in 2004.

“I would say [media attention] was about 50 percent [of what destroyed our relationship]. The idea that people hate you and they hate you together and that being together is poison and ugly and toxic and the thing none of us want to be part of,” the Oscar winner said. “And, ‘Who the fuck would want to have them to dinner?’ And, ‘What the fuck are they doing together?'”

Of their breakup, Affleck confessed, “I got fucking hurt and angry, and felt like a fool.”

The two reconciled earlier this year, but now the most important thing for Ben are his kids.

“My responsibility to my children is the highest responsibility I have,” he said, referring to his kids—Violet, 16, Seraphina, 12, and Samuel, “So I won’t do anything that’s painful or destructive to them if I can help it.”

He continued, “That being said, I know that my life affects them. I dropped my son off at school two days ago, and he’s the only one who will talk about it. He’s nine years old, and there’s a bunch of the older boys out there doing some toy drive or something, and I heard them go, ‘Oh, Ben Affleck, Ben Affleck.’ And my kid looks at me and goes, ‘Hashtag welcome to my life.'”

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