Vanity Fair Under Fire for ‘Horrible’ Photoshopping Job on Nicole Kidman Cover

Vanity Fair is in the eye of the storm after Nicole Kidman’s latest cover.

The image of the 54-year-old styled in Italian high fashion label Miu Miu has been heavily criticized, with some calling out what they allege is excessive photoshopping.

Many claim Kidman’s knee pops out at an angle incongruous with her foot, and the line of her left oblique runs just next to her belly button.

“No 54-year-old’s body looks like that, not even Nicole Kidman‘s. Why are we we still doing this s**t?” one commented on Twitter.

“She’s an accomplished actress who’s nominated for an Oscar. Why is she dressed like a school girl [sic]? Not cool,” one commented on Vanity Fair’s Instagram post of the cover, while another wrote, “Would love to hear the concept behind this…cause I don’t get it.”

Still more perplexed Instagrammers labeled Kidman’s look “absolutely creepy,” “horrible” and “a mess.”

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