Kate Hudson’s Adorable Mother-Daughter Video Is UNMISSABLE

So cute!!

Kate Hudson spent some quality time with her baby daughter on Monday, and the video she shared of their tender moment sparked a huge reaction from fans. 

The actress shared on Instagram an adorable clip in which she was eating a dessert with daughter Rani. 

The three-year-old was devouring a chocolate treat and Kate was teasing her by saying the food was “terrible”.

Both Kate and Rani giggled as they playfully made their way through the plate of food.

She captioned the video: “Worst food she’s ever had,” and her fans flooded her with comments and the same question too!”Could she be any cuter?” asked one of Kate’s social media followers, and many more mirrored the statement with comments such as: “How beautiful mum and daughter, so cute and funny,” and, “She’s darling. Love the giggle”.

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