Drew Barrymore Shares Stunning Makeup-Free Selfie To Celebrate Her 47th Birthday

What a stunner!!

Drew Barrymore celebrated her 47th birthday sharing on Instagram an amazing make-up free selfie.

The actress stopped by the mirror in her bathroom to snap the stunning pic. It’s clear that she woke up like this as she was wearing a blue and white shirt that looked like a pajama top.

In the photo she smiles sweetly at the camera, while letting her light brown hair flow down her shoulders.

“2 22 22 this is 47!” She captioned the post. Drew predictably received lots of comments. “Happy Birthday , you Magical Creature!!! I LOVE YOU! 💖always have , always will,” Reese Witherspoon wrote. “Oyy! Happy birthday mama! Let’s celebrate when i come back from filming!” Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi added.

We can say that Drew is a true natural beauty! After all, she’s always had a positive relationship with herself and it’s not the first time she shares make-up free photos on social media.

A charismatic lady!

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