Catherine Zeta-Jones Divides Opinion with Glamorous Hair Transformation

Catherine Zeta-Jones just shared two jaw-dropping photos!

Catherine Zeta-Jones just shared two jaw-dropping photos from her past with her four million Instagram followers and fans were left completely divided.

One image showed the Welsh actress with dark raven locks, the other with lighter hair, and she asked fans: “Dark hair or light? Which is your favourite?”

Her followers were left completely devided. “Dark is your signature,” wrote one, with another agreeing: “Dark for sure.” A third concluded: “Dark 1000 per cent.”

Others were more taken with Catherine’s light hair, leaving comments like: “Light is softer” and: “Light like your heart.”

Many of Catherine’s loyal following concluded that she looks great no matter what her hair colour, and we can’t help but agree! “Amazing either colour,” added one and: “No matter what you do, you’ll always be beautiful.”

Which hairstyle di you like most?


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