Gabrielle Epstein Leaves VERY Little to The Imagination in New IG Photo

...after slamming critics who claim her photos are 'too explicit'.

Australian OnlyFans model Gabrielle Epstein, 27, certainly lived up to her reputation as she stripped down for a series of very sexy photos shared on Instagram.

The blonde bombshell put her body on full display with a super micro bikini.

Back in November, Gabrielle fired back at critics who said her photos were ‘too explicit’. 

Speaking to Maxim magazine, Gabrielle called out the ‘toxic double standard’ between how men and women are treated differently on Instagram.

‘We are all human, we are all born with bodies and we should not be taught to be ashamed of how they look in a natural state.’ 

She said she’d turned to OnlyFans to get around Instagram’s censorship.

‘I also feel like I can be more of myself on OnlyFans,’ she explained.

‘To me showing my body isn’t about me being objectified; it’s about me feeling confident, powerful and beautiful in my own skin.’

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