At 63, Madonna Reveals Her Super Toned Butt And Legs

But the comments section also started filling up with body shamers: "Some things should just be left covered up."

Madonna recently posted on her Instagram account a photo in which she shows off her body and she looks unbelievably toned.

The singer (63!) put on full display her defined legs and killer booty in a black crop top, underwear, and fishnet tights. She’s posing on a sofa in her home and on top of a car (which, again, iconic). “Car trouble 🔧🚙⚒️🚨,” she captioned the snaps.

But how does Madonna stay in such amazing shape? Her trainer, Craig Smith, said the pop icon works out for 30 minutes or more a day, six days a week. “I vary the workouts every single day,” he shared with Daily Mail Australia. 

“She does a combination of circuit training, interval training, and resistance training. Dance is obviously a huge part of that.”

He added that Madonna’s other workouts have included boxing, yoga, and martial arts (she really does do it all!). “Her favorite workout is something that’s all inclusive of cardio . . . focusing on combining all the elements from upper body, lower body and core,” Smith explained.

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