Model Chaney Jones Poses Completely Naked On Instagram

Kanye West's new date definitely feels comfortable with her body!

Chaney Jones shared a pair of sexy photos, where she showed off her naked body covered up by her very long hair.

In one of the photos, the model was standing straight with her arms and legs strategically positioned to cover up. In the other, she was crouched down with her hair flowing freely in front of her.

Chaney also shared a few photos to her Instagram Stories, including a selfie of herself with Kanye West. The two are now dating, after the rapper’s split from Julia Fox.

It seems like Kanye and Chaney have really gotten close in the past month. Most recently, the pair were spotted getting cozy and snuggling up to each other while in Miami after a few nights on the town.

And what about Chaney’s resemblance to Kanye West’s ex Kim Kardashian?

“Kim knows that she’s considered a fashion icon, so the fact that so many women, including Chaney, try to emulate her is really quite flattering to Kim. Does Kim think it’s a little peculiar that Kanye has dated a few women now that resemble her? Yeah, she does,” a source close to Kardashian said.

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