Demi Moore Stuns in a Revealing Suit at Yves Saint Laurent Runway Show

Unbelievable Beauty.

Demi Moore is prominent member of the fashion world, and her latest adventure had fans in awe.

The actress revealed that she attended the latest Yves Saint Laurent runway show and dressed for the occasion in a spectacularly chic outfit.

She wore a crisp power suit that cinched in at the waist with little gold accents and showed off her shape while making her look incredibly statuesque.

Demi left the top half unbuttoned, revealing that she wore nothing underneath except for a small blue locket and kept her long dark locks sleek and shiny.

However, what really sold the high fashion element of the outfit was the pair of blue gloves that she donned, helmed by chunky gold bracelets, giving it an almost surreal feel.

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