Leighton Meester Opens Up About the ‘Guilt’ of Being a Working Mom

The actress and husband Adam Brody share two children.

Leighton Meester says mommy “guilt” doesn’t subside, at least not for her.

“It doesn’t seem like it gets better,” the “Gossip Girl” star told ET. “I’ve been thinking maybe it would, but it doesn’t. And now I’ve really doubled up on this kid thing. So it’s kind of, it’s a double whammy of like, ‘Well, there’s a baby now and he seems like he needs me.’”

The actress, 35, and husband Adam Brody, 42, share two children, a daughter named Arlo, 6, and a son born in 2020, whose name has not been publicly announced.

“Working is the ultimate guilt (because) I want to be here, I’m having fun,” she explained. “Of course, I think it’s good all around, but this world, our society, everything, it doesn’t really give us a lot of space for feeling whole on either end, and feeling good about going to work, or leaving our kids, or being with them. We can’t do that either.”

Meester felt torn while filming her new Netflix movie, “The Weekend Away,” in Croatia.

“The first two weeks I had my whole family there. If I didn’t have them there, I would lose it,” she admitted. “My daughter, my older kid, left with my husband, because… my husband was working in the States. I was separated from both of them for a month, which was longer than I’d ever been away from them. It wasn’t OK. It was not cool.”

“I was with my baby, but he is a baby and he couldn’t be separated. We couldn’t be separated from each other,” Meester continued. “It was hard to leave him for the better part of most days. There’s never an easy way of doing it.”

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