Ukrainian-Born Milla Jovovich ‘Heartbroken’ Over Russian Invasion

Milla Jovovich is “heartbroken and dumbstruck” over the Russian invasion of her home country, Ukraine.

On Friday, the Ukrainian-born actress shared a lengthy Instagram post about trying to “process the events” in her birthplace.

“My country and people being bombed. Friends and family in hiding,” she wrote.

“My blood and my roots come from both Russia and Ukraine. I am torn in two as I watch the horror unfolding, the country being destroyed, families being displaced, their whole life lying in charred fragments around them.

“I remember the war in my father’s homeland of former Yugoslavia and the stories my family tells of the trauma and terror they experienced. War. Always war,” she continued. “Leaders who cannot bring peace. The never ending juggernaut of imperialism. And always, the people pay in bloodshed and tears.”

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