This TikTok Teeth-Whitening Hack Is Dentist-Approved

"If you want to whiten your teeth without using those whitening strips, try this," said the tiktoker.

When it comes to any sort of health and wellness advice, it’s best to tread extremely lightly. But one teeth-whitening hack on the platform has actually gotten a seal of approval from dentists.

A video demonstrating a three-ingredient teeth-whitening treatment posted by Armen Adamjan last year has since gone viral.

“If you want to whiten your teeth without using those whitening strips, try this,” he said.

“Get a bowl, add some kiwi. Add some cucumber. Mash it up.”

He demonstrates, throwing two slices of cucumber and two slices of kiwi into a bowl and mashing them together with a pestle. 

“Add a little bit of baking soda,” he goes on. “Mix it up. That’s it!”

According to Adamjan, the treatment should be done twice a week and works thanks to the kiwi’s calcium content and antibacterial properties.

And he’s right.

According to Dr. Joseph Field, the abrasive baking soda works with the acids in the kiwi and cucumber to remove stains on the surface of teeth, making them appear whiter.

It’s not quite a miracle cure, though, so Field advises tempering your expectations. You won’t get the same level of whitening you would with an in-office treatment, but it can make a subtle difference.

“You need to be careful not to use it too often as it can cause [your tooth] enamel to erode,” Field said. “You could apply it once a day for up to 10 consecutive days. After that, use it one to two days every month for maintenance.”

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