Jennifer Lopez’s Feelings On Ben Affleck’s Sexy Scenes With Ex Ana De Armas In ‘Deep Water’

Ben and Ana’s real-life love story make their sex scenes in Deep Water a slightly awkward watch for Jen.

The trailer for Ben Affleck’s highly-anticipated erotic thriller with ex-girlfriend Ana de Armas, Deep Water, is finally here.

But with the steamy trailer serving as a reminder of Ben and Ana’s real-life romance, how does Ben’s current love Jennifer Lopez feel? 

Though neither Ben nor Jen are rookies to show business, one can only imagine Ben and Ana’s real-life ties make their sex scenes in Deep Water a slightly awkward watch for Jen. According to our insider, she’s far from eager to put that to the test. “Jen fully supports Ben and his career and loves him more than anything but when it comes to his new movie, she is in no rush to watch it,” the source revealed. “It is a little weird to watch your boyfriend be all sexy on film with their ex.

Jen herself is no stranger to love scenes and recently romanced Owen Wilson onscreen in her new film Marry Me. But when it comes to Deep Water, our source revealed Jen likens the situation to if she were starring in a film with one of her former real-life flings. “She imagines it would be the same feeling if the shoe was on the other foot and Ben would have similar feelings if a movie was just coming out where she was with Álex Rodriguez in various scenes of sex and making out,” the insider shared.


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