Sandra Bullock Taking Step Back From Acting and This Is The Reason

Sandra Bullock is taking a step back from acting.

Sandra Bullock is taking a step back from acting to be with her kids.

The Oscar winner said in a new interview that while she does not know how long her hiatus will last, she needs to be “in the place that makes me happiest” — at home.

“I take my job very seriously when I’m at work,” Bullock told “Entertainment Tonight”.

“I just want to be 24/7 with my babies and my family,” she added. “That’s where I’m gonna be for a while.”

Bullock, a single parent, adopted her two children: 12-year-old son Louis and 10-year-old daughter Laila.

The actress explained that she will spend her hiatus “servicing their every need”.

She also touched on what parenting amid the COVID-19 pandemic has been like, saying she takes all precautions to make sure her kids are safe.

“All the parents know me as the crazy lady with the pandemic,” she told. “They know their children will return without COVID when they’ve come to our house.”

Bullock and her ex-husband, Jesse James, whom she wed in 2005, set out to adopt a child together in 2010. But that April, she filed for divorce after several women came forward saying they had affairs with James.

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