Kristen Stewart Was “Scared” Filming ‘Spencer”s First Scenes

"There was this one scene that I literally thought I was watching a ghost of Diana".

Portraying Princess Diana on the big screen is one of the hardest things Kristen Stewart has ever done as an actress.

As the Oscars night approaches, Stewart has spoken about ghosts, about feeling for Prince William and Prince Harry, and now, she’s opening up about feeling “scared shitless” during the first day of shooting. During an appearance on SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show, Stewart said that, sometimes, it was harder to capture the subtle nuances of playing Princess Diana than doing traditional actor things, like dialogue.

“There was this one scene that I literally thought I was watching a ghost of Diana when you’re in the café and you’re avoiding eye contact with people. And obviously, everybody knows who she is and [are] surprised that she’s there. She walks into this cafe and your head is bowed; you’re smiling slightly,” she said. “And I thought at that moment, like, I can’t imagine a better representation of this person because that, we had seen her do exactly that so much. And yet it doesn’t feel like, again, it doesn’t feel like an impression.”

She appreciated the insight, saying that the specific scene was one of the scariest days on set.

“I’m so happy to hear you say that because being the first time that she speaks in the movie had a hugely pressurized feeling, more so than some of the other dialogue-heavy scenes that we did, which at that point in the shoot we’d already done. It wasn’t like that was the first thing that we shot. But because it’s the first time you see her or it’s actually not, it’s the first time you hear her speak,” Kristen said. “Oh man. I just like really wanted to get that right. And yeah, you have to sort of just suspend all over-analytical kind of like blow-the-big-moment thoughts because, luckily, it’s not a stage play. Where you can always go again. We have multiple takes. We have a lot of film to burn.”

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