Jessica Alba Just Posted Some Sweet Photos of Her Whole Family Out To Dinner

What a lovely family!❤️

Jessica Alba recently posted some super sweet photos of her whole family out to dinner.

One of the pics features 4-year-old Hayes having an absolute blast entertaining himself on his tablet as the rest of the group went about their meal.

Hayes had his hands full with a bright green tablet, bright blue headphones and a toy truck — though he still had time to cheerily smile for photos and and snuggle with Alba. The whole family was having a very nice time, with Alba’s daughters, 13-year-old Honor and 10-year-old Haven, posing alongside some delicious looking hot pot.

Alba may be down with Hayes having screen time during dinner but the actress and founder of The Honest Company has some rules when it comes to her kids and technology.

“Ever since the kids were babies, we always have had a pretty regimented sort of nighttime routineBath time is a super important ritual in our house for the kids—and for me,” Alba told Verywell Family last year. “As the girls are winding down the summer and ready to go back to school in a couple of weeks, it’s really about getting back in that zone. We put away the electronics, and maybe take a bath and put on calming music.”

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And that’s not just for the benefit of her kids. Alba touts the personal positives of giving her own eyes a break. The actress noted that she loves to relax far away from her phone. “There are different types of new meditation playlists—there are high-frequency ones on Spotify for example. [The meditation music style] is called binaural beats and it puts you in a zone,” she said. “It can be there in the background while you’re taking a bath or reading or doing something hopefully off the device. That’s the best for me.”

We fully applaud Alba’s approach to technology — a solid mix of keeping her kids incredibly entertained and screen-free zen.


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