Sharon Stone Looks Absolutely Stunning at 63 On The Cover of Vanity Fair Italy

Inside the magazine she talked the passing of time, saying the years that go by just 'make us stronger.'

Sharon Stone confirmed her status of beauty icon in her latest magazine cover.

The Basic Instinct star wore a red outfit with layers of fabric and oversized cross necklaces for the cover of the May issue of Vanity Fair Italy.

Stone is now promoting her new role as Kaley Cuoco’s mother in the second season of the series The Flight Attendant.

Sharon Stone stuns on the cover of Vanity Fair Italy

Inside the magazine she talked the passing of time, saying the years that go by just ‘make us stronger.’

The movie icon shared the cover on Instagram. She noted that the photographer was Branislav Simoncik and the stylist Paris Libby with makeup by Fabienne Pauli, hair by Marco Minunno.

Stone’s presence in The Flight Attendant’s new season is revealed near the end of the two-and-a-half minute trailer. Kaley’s character arrives at the doorstep of her mom’s house with brother Davey (T.R. Bowden).

No doubt there are some hard feelings there as it quickly turns into a not-so-happy reunion as Lisa has a big smile when she opens the door and it quickly fades when she first looks at Cassie.

There definitely seems to be more to the story has Cassie looks perplexed and slightly shakes her head.

The lead character seemingly suffers an identity crisis as at one point she is confronted by three clones of herself.

On Monday Cuoco revealed that Stone ‘b**** slapped’ her while filming The Flight Attendant.

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Sharon Stone slapped Kaley Cuoco on the set of The Flight Attendant

“Before we started the scene, she sat me down and said, ”Hey how do you feel about me touching you in this scene?”’ Kaley recalled. “I said whatever you want to do, you are Sharon Stone.'”

Then the slap came. 

“First of all the reaction was about as real as you could get. I had snot coming out and I’m crying, and literally shaking and ”Cut”,” Kaley said. ‘No one moves. No one knows if Kaley is happy, did she tell Sharon to slap her?”

Kaley said that Sharon then apologized to her. ‘I love you, I didn’t mean to do that. It just felt right for the scene,’ Kaley recalled Sharon telling her. ‘That was incredible. Like whoa.’  

‘I just got b**** slapped,’ Kaley said.

Cuoco said that Sharon even reached out to casting herself to play the role of her mother in the series.

“She was a fan of the show,” Kaley said. “She heard we were casting my mom and she actually called herself, called casting and said I would love to do this. And casting called and said, “We had a voice mail from Sharon Stone and she would love to do this.”‘ 

Cuoco said it was a dream come true. “This can’t be real,” Kaley said. “I found out it was and she wanted to do it.” Kaley said they got in touch with each other and exchanged some texts.


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