Sienna Miller Admitted ‘Zero Chemistry’ with Ben Affleck in Live by Night

"We could not be less attracted to each other."

Sienna Miller admitted the romantic chemistry was lacking between her and Ben Affleck in their 2016 film Live By Night.

During a chat with Drew Barrymore on The Drew Barrymore Show, Sienna reflected on working with some of her most famous onscreen love interests, saying, “They’re all great, aren’t they? I mean, on the whole, I don’t think I’ve ever worked with somebody where I was like— well, a couple maybe, but….”

When it came to acting alongside Affleck in the gangster movie written and directed by Affleck himself, Miller said he “was like my brother.”

Still from the movie

“I’ve never laughed so much in my life,” she recalled. “That sounds like a ridiculous thing to say and a ‘name-droppy’ thing to say, but I actually mean it.”

However, “we had zero chemistry whatsoever,” said Miller. “It was hysterical. We were supposed to be in love. We could not be less attracted to each other, which was hysterical. He has an enormous head, I have a small one, so they’d have to put me slightly ahead of him in two-shots!”

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The actress also said that she “could barely look at him for laughing the whole time.”

Back in 2017, Miller told E! News about filming sex scenes with Affleck for Live By Night, which also starred Elle Fanning, Zoe Saldaña, Brendan Gleeson and Chris Messina.

“Ben and I are like brother and sister, thank God, so there was no awkwardness,” she shared at the time. “There was just a lot of stupid giggling. He’s very professional — I am not, but he is. In that environment, it was a cool scene.”

She added of the screenplay, “There was a montage in the script saying we did it everywhere: in the car, in the bar… I was like, ‘That’s an entire day of just love scenes! Okay. How do we do this?’ Obviously, by the time nine hours of it has gone past, I was shaking with tears running down my face. I mean, I can’t tell you— but you have to laugh. Ben is just professional. It is what it is.”

“There will be some outtakes from that [scene] where I have to walk out of the room because I just have tears running down my face [from laughing],” added Miller.

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