Fans Accuse Nicole Kidman of Changing Her Face: ‘You Don’t Look Like You’

“Something is wrong with your face,” someone chimed in.

Nicole Kidman’s fans just pointed out that their idol’s face has completely changed over the years.

In particular, they are questioning her latest social media post that shows the actress posed with director Lulu Wang on the set of the new Amazon series “Expats.”

According to fans, Kidman’s face seemed different as her porcelain skin appeared puffy, tight and wrinkle-free.

“What did you do with your face?!?!?!!!? You are starting to get like a monster, it’s sad cuz you were beautiful,” wrote one devout fan on the post.

“Something is wrong with your face,” someone else chimed in.

Double board certified, award-winning New York-based plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer, who has not worked with Kidman, told The Post there’s often more to the story than meets the eye.

“When people appear different, everyone’s first curiosity is if they had plastic surgery. However, other considerations must also be made — especially with the universal use of filters on social media,” Dr. Shafer said. “What someone looks like in a static picture online can be completely different from how they look in person or in real life.”

However, Dr. Shafer, whose clinic is on Fifth Avenue, doesn’t rule out operations in this instance. Plastic surgery, he explained, covers a spectrum of different procedures — which range from Botox, facelifts, fillers and liposuction — but it often gets a bad rap. Only the “bad jobs” look unnatural, he said.

“In the picture, Nicole has a youthful glow and smooth skin,” he said. “This could be filters, Botox or dermal fillers such as Juvéderm to help smooth wrinkles and replace lost volume in her cheeks. She certainly has access to the best skin care and aestheticians.”

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe of Rowe Plastic Surgery echoed similar speculation upon looking at Kidman’s recent photo.

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“She looks like she has had a facelift in the past,” Dr. Rowe, who has not worked with Kidman, told The Post, adding that it’s “hard to say” if the work was recent or not.

“If it was a year or more ago, she may have a more recent change in her appearance getting laser, Botox and filler treatments to the face, as even a facelift needs to be maintained,” he added. “Her changed appearance in her Instagram photo is due to her continuously maintaining her already previous procedures. As one continues to get laser, Botox or filler in conjunction with a facelift, the appearance can tend to alter slightly over time.”

Time could also be another factor, Dr. Shafer explained, since it could just be perception based on lengthy screen careers.

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