Christina Aguilera’s Outstanding Total Red Look For ‘La Reina’ Video

Jessica Rabbit vibes!

 Christina Aguilera looks absolutely stunning in her newly released music video “La Reina.”

Her curve hugging dress matches perfectly with the fiery red locks she debuted in October 2021, giving off some serious Jessica Rabbit vibes.

The 41-year-old popstar is no stranger to striking outfits. Christina is clearly a fan of plunging necklines, as she sported another scooped silhouette on the February cover of Elle Mexico. She also flaunted raunchier getups in April with her emerald green latex dress at The Daily Front Row Fashion Awards. Looking good in every color, she was photographed in Dubai wearing a form fitting deep purple dress also made with latex. This time, in the “La Reina” video, Christina rocked a gorgeous vintage Hollywood inspired gown.

La Reina” consists of Xtina’s signature sustained belting notes and impressive riffs. In the song, she uses her gorgeous rich tone over smooth Latin guitars while singing effortlessly in Spanish. Appearing to be in the midst of a celebration, the music video uses vibrant colors while the six men accompanying her harmonize beautifully with her voie. The video is just over four minutes long, with Christina hitting a powerful last note and the camera zooming out with the sound of cheers and applause.

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Although she doesn’t speak Spanish fluently, this isn’t the half-Ecuadorian’s first time dabbling in the world of Latin inspired music. In October 2021, the “Fighter” singer released the music video to her single “Pa’ Mis Muchachas,” the first teaser to her much anticipated second Spanish language project. Her EP La Fuerza was released in January 2022.

“La Fuerza (The Strength)…in this first chapter, represents the different elements of what it means to be strong now, as I’ve unlocked new parts of myself as a woman, a fighter, a mother and creator,” Christina posted on her Instagram.

This comes a whopping 22 years after her first album in Spanish, called Mi Reflejo, which won the singer a Latin Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Album. In her career, she has opened up about being criticized for not looking stereotypically Latina enough to record such material, despite the fact that her father was born in Ecuador. Either way, the former Mickey Mouse Clubhouse star used a bright red flamenco inspired dress to perfectly channel her heritage in the music video for “La Reina.”

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